04/24/2015  By Jeff

I just had my BMW Tinted, Headlights & Taillights smoked by Omega. They are fantastic, professional, decently priced and overall high quality shop. I called on friday morning and was told to bring it in immediately. No problem getting me in quickly.

Take your car here if you want a excellent job.

Anyway, I am a happy custumer and I will recommend this place to all of my friends.



 04/22/2015 By Tommy

Got my windows tinted a couple of weeks ago. 
I would say that job was done pretty well, no bubbles. Owner is super nice, price was ok, he was done in an hour and my fiat 500 looks amazing!


nk you


by k , 04/01/2015

Omega did a amazing job and made my dreams come true having my lancer finally customized! I got my tail lights smoked and my hood, grill, and gas tank wrapped They deserve more than a Thank You!

Amazing job!!!

by Kim , 12/04/2014

Those guys knows what they're doing!!!They're quick, professional, efficient and doing an AMAZING JOB!!!The bottom line: If you want a professional, cost-effective and personalized experience when wrapping your vehicle, or get your windows tinted right! go to Omega WT. Don't go to cheap copycats. My car looks amazing with the 3m glossy black roof and the 5% windows tinted.Thanks Omega!

Excellent job.

by Anonymous , 05/05/2014

I always wanted to get my car windows tinted and I've been hesitant to which place I go to because I don't want them to eff up my car. Upon reading Omega reviews and a friends recommendation, I decided to come here. I do not know anything about tints. Omega was really helpful. He explained to me what kind of tints there were, the differences, and what not. I chose to go legal 35% with lifetime warranty to avoid get stop in NC sense cops here are very stupid.Since I got here early my car got worked on right away. It took about 1.3 hrs to get my car done. I have no complaints. Service is excellent, prices are fair, and most importantly, they did a great job.They know whatsup!

Highly recommend

by Tony , 05/05/2014

I got my car's windows tinted here. Got here first thing in the morning to be first in line..and got 5% in all of my windows tinted in no time. The tint looks great, and I have had no problems. Also got my taillights done too, my car looks super with them done.!What I like most is that they allow me to see the process. Never imagine it takes all does details.The owner is very friendly and will tell you everything honestly and up-front. Thanks!

Keep growing guys.

by Colombia23 , 05/03/2014

5 simple words to give this place five stars.Omega and his crew rock!!!!!!! :)Been going to this place since I he open the first shop, and now to his new location on horseshoe rd. I'm very happy for them to open a bigger shop ( It was about time Omega). I came from deployment and I went looking for them at the other location and I find out they moved to new location. (Just to let you be aware don't do it with the guy who took the old location on Skibo rd he breaks windows and scrash your car too.) I had 3 cars tinted from Beicon and got my new BMW, I wouldn't trust anyone to tint my car but Omega Tint on Horseshoe rd.Super honest place with great friendly service! What more can you ask for??

Awesome job guys.......

by Anonymous , 05/03/2014

Just got my car tinted here and it was a very pleasant experience. I came in on a Friday morning to miss the Saturday rush and was #2 in line. I got my car back within 3 hours with all 5 windows and the steam detailing . The staff was super friendly and courteous and made the whole ordeal very easy. the car wash steam detailing they do here is very good too, my first time seeing a steam machine for cars. (Very coollll!) They also had put a post it on my door to remind me not to roll the windows down. I have nothing to complain about my experience whatsoever and I think if I ever get another car done, I'd be back in a heartbeat.

Don't forget your Taillights tooooo......

by JR , 04/29/2014

This is the place to GO to get your car tinted. I've taken in 3 of my own cars, my moms, my sisters, and have recommended more than a handful of friends to Omega Tint. The prices are reasonable, they do such a good job. If there's anything wrong w/ your tint (e.g. bubbles or scratches), they are real customer friendly and will fix it for you. I also did my front windshield and my BMW came out better than ever.Highly Recommend ...

Great service in town.....

by Elliot , 04/29/2014

This is the 4th car that I done a tint job with them. Fair Price, fast and professional. I highly recommend Omega to anyone looking for affordable price and excellent tint job.Thanks!

Nice Job Omega

by Hummer , 04/23/2014

You can't find a better deal than Omega WT!for $165 you get all the windows tinted (minus the windshield, of course) and in any shade you want. Also it comes with warranty!!Staff is friendly and knows what they're doing. They finished tinting my car within 1hr on my 2014 BMW.I highly recommend this place if you want to tint your car.

Very happy customer

by Donald , 04/23/2014

I have used this place for my car and my brother's car. They did an excellent job of taking off the old, worn out tint from my brothers car and installing brand spanking new tint that was impeccable. The tint job on my car was perfect! I have had the tint for 4 years and counting and it still looks amazing. No bubbling, tearing, or any issues. I also thought the pricing was reasonable for the great quality of service. The guy was very friendly with explaining to me the tint levels and helping me pick out the right shade for my car.I recommend EVERYONE to come here to get their new tint job or to replace a terrible one. They have different selection depending on the darkness or lightness you want and yes, a warranty, which you'll probably never ever use because is a good quality film.Thanks Omega!

Excellent service by Very Happy Customer!- 08/10/2013 
I just did my car here 2 days ago at the new location, the owner took care of my car himself. Wow! you don't get better customer service than that. I didn't have to wait in line or bure my self, he let me wach the whole process. You get what you paid for and I got what I was looking for, a excellent service and outstanding tint job. Thanks Omega!
Congratulation OWT! by Steve- 08/06/2013 
I just find out Omega open a new location on Yadkin Rd.Hands down, this is the place to get your vehicle (or anything else) tinted. Every Dexknows review counts before mine was right on! There are a lot of shady places out there to get your windows done and I felt very comfortable here..I'm glad there business is growing for more customers.I highly recommend to anyone!
Excellent job by Josh- 08/01/2013
Hands down the best place to tint your windows. Not only is the tint superb the customer service is unbeatable. You guys are the best.
Very happy customer by Cindy- 07/30/2013 
I had my windows tinted here last March. They did an outstanding job. Professional, quick, and friendly staff. I haven't had any problems and have been extremely pleased with how well my tinted windows have worked throughout the hot, sticky summer. Also three of my friends had taken there cars here and they are very pleased with the result too.I would recommend this place to anyone.
Very satisfied by Damian- 07/24/2013 
Another satisfied customer! I had been searching for deals to get my new Cadillac for months but every place with a deal had numerous bad reviews. I read the Dexknows reviews and decided to just check the place out for myself. I was greeted and he answered all of my questions. Made my appointment, was done in about 2 hours, and I was very satisfied with the results. I would go back again and would recommend Omega to anyone looking for good service.
Top quality job by Stephanie- 07/21/2013 
I got all the windows on our car tinted here after hearing a reviews from our friend, and I have to say that the reviews are right on the money! They do an excellent job and my husband is planning to bring our second car in to get done soon too! The only thing we keep asking ourselves is... why didn't we do this three years ago?! Omega does a top quality job,and fast service with excellent results.Highly recommend it!
Excellent job by Paul- 07/18/2013 
Omega tinted my truck last week and did an awesome job!!! They were very good at communicating what service I was getting and time frame. You can't beat enjoying the comforts of your own home while your vehicle gets tinted. The tint looks great! I will definitely use for future vehicles!Highly Recommend Omega to Anyone!
Excellent job by Shawn- 07/15/2013 
Had my car done here. Omega was able to get me in for a same day appointment. The workmanship and quality of the tint was as good or better than I had hoped for. They explain to me the trouble the I will be Avery year if I chose darker tint in NC. Thanks guys for your help!I will be returning with other vehicles in the coming weeks based on my initial experience.
Thanks for your help by Johnson- 07/09/2013 
Omega did my car two years ago and the job was excellent. I got deploy and left my car in the Barracks parking for a whole year, when I came back my rear window bubble up because of the heat, they replace it without any problem and didn't charge me for it. I'm glad I did my tint with Omega because they honor there warranty.Highly Recommend Omega!
Top quality job by Lily- 07/09/2013
I had my new car tinted today. Omega did and AMAZING job and i would highly recommend Omega to anybody looking for a tint job! Great customer service as well! 5 stars without a doubt.
Excellent quality by Amy - 07/03/2013
This place was recommended to me by the dealership when I purchased my new car. I checked out their website and the cars they have tinted. I called for estimates, and chose this place out of about 4 places that had be recommended to me by friends. My car looks great - it's still drying/curing, so I'll update if I have any problems. The tinting was completed in 2 hours, and they did my whole car, including the windshield. 
Thanks Omega!


663 Horseshoe rd Fayetteville nc

off Yadkin Rd






Monday - Friday

8:00am - 5pm


8:00am-3:00pm (appt only)

Sunday - Closed







2 Windows- $110

2 Doors Car $175

 4 DoorsSedan $220

certains restrictions may apply on some vehicles.


Shades: 70% 50% 40% 30% 20% 15% 5%








Luxe Lightwrap AND Stek




warranty on ceramic coating from

6 months, 12 months,

2 yrs, 5yrs and 9yrs


Lifetime Warranty



on Legal Film Only (price is different for lifetime) Call us for more information.